The Shine Zone (Members Hub)
The Shine Zone (Members Hub)
Clara Rufai

Welcome to The Shine Zone (Members Hub)

Get Ready to (S)oar (H)igher (I)nto (N)ew (E)xpressions. Join us inside our Global Community.

About Us

We are a social enterprise that specialises in personal development, leadership, and empowerment, creating platforms, resources, and tools for individuals and company employees to find their shine zone and thrive.

To SHINE is for each one of us to esteem ourselves highly enough, to turn on our inner light, be guided strictly by our own glow, and then reach - to operate at the highest level of our brilliance, every day, in every way.

Why You Should Join Us Inside The Hub

The hub is our dedicated community where our global Shine-stars engage privately, network and connect with one another. We also offer inspiration, special events, mentorship programs, tips, tools and everything that makes The SHINE ZONE a safe space to uplevel your brilliance. 

You get a chance to become part of a network of like-minded individuals seeking to grow momentum without limits and build a network of fruitful collaborations. People who share similar core values as you, people who are passionate in the pursuit of their highest level of brilliance, who will help you believe in your own ‘Shine-ability’. You become part of an accountability family, a strong, viable network that inspires, challenges and supports you to the best you that you can be.

It's FREE to join us in the hub.